While our Notion integration lets you quickly reference Notion docs by adding them to Height tasks, our CSV import lets you turn Notion projects into Height tasks!

Exporting the Notion project

From the ... menu in the Notion project, click "Export" and select "Markdown & CSV" as the export format. To ensure that all the necessary details of your project are included in the exported file, you can configure the export details to include specific databases, content, and subpages if needed.

Importing the Notion project

In Height, from Product settings → Import, select Import in the CSV section and upload the CSV file exported from Notion.

Once uploaded, an import modal will appear where you can set the tasks to import into a new or existing list, and map your Notion fields to Height attributes. Some task fields will auto-map to suggested Height attributes, but you can specify the exact attributes you want to be mapped and create new ones, too!

After the tasks have finished importing, a record of the number of tasks successfully imported will appear at the top of the imports page with a clickable link to the imported list.

Now that you've successfully imported your Notion project into Height, you can pick right back up where you left off without having skipped a beat 😃

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