Connecting your Figma account to Height lets you preview designs directly in tasks to keep you on top of rolling updates. However, because the Figma admin is the only user that can install the integration, design previews are only shown for files that the Figma admin has access to. If the Figma admin user does not have access to a Figma design, pasting that design's URL in a Height task will not unfurl a preview.

Sharing the Figma file

From the file's Share menu, there are two ways to ensure that the Figma admin user has access to the file. You can either 1) invite them by email, or 2) set the file's access to "Anyone with the link can view."

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Inviting the Figma admin user by email is best for designs that you want to keep somewhat private. They'll be visible when unfurled in Height tasks, but not publicly accessible via the URL link. However, setting the file to be accessible by anyone with the link lets you skip the step of having to manually share the file with the admin.

No matter the option you choose, once the file has been shared with the Figma admin user, posting the link in a Height task will unfurl a real-time preview of the design 😃

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