Why leave your todos for dead when you can turn them into actionable tasks? With Code to Task, you can automate task creation directly from your code comments and auto-assign newly created tasks to your future self.

Even better, because this feature works in any IDE and supports 30+ programming languages, it can be integrated into your coding workflow without shifting gears. From JavaScript and Python, to JSON and Ruby, go from // todo to Done by turning code comments into tasks.

How do I install Code to Task?

There are two ways to install Code to Task:

  1. via VS Code plug-in

    From the VS Code extensions page, search Height and install the Height extension when prompted. You will then be required to authenticate the install and confirm the Height workspace that you want synced to the Code to Task feature.

  2. via command-line

    In the command-line of your codebase, type height watch to install Code to Task. During the installation process you will need to authenticate Height's access to your codebase and confirm the Height workspace that you want synced to your codebase.

How do I create tasks from comments?

Code to Task lets you create tasks directly from code comments in real-time via the command line. Simply type // todo in the comments, save your file, and poof! – a Height task will be created with a unique task ID, it's really that easy!

Creating tasks from code helps you immediately sync todos with actionable work that is auto-assigned to your future self and instantly created in your Height workspace – no manual steps needed! You can also quickly find existing tasks in your codebase by searching the Task ID to make follow-ups more efficient.

*NOTE: todos will be detected no matter the coding syntax of the programming language.

Which list do the tasks appear on?

Tasks created from your code comments will automatically appear on your "Default list for new tasks", which can be configured from Personal settings → Preferences.

For example, if your Default list for new tasks is set to #general, any task created from your code comments will appear on the #general list in your Height workspace. Keep in mind, you cannot set newly created tasks to be spread across different Height lists. The default list for new tasks is the only list that you can set tasks to go to when creating them using Code to Task.

Learn more here and to try it out for yourself 😃

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