Task forms are perfect for making it extremely easy to create new tasks — they're effectively a question-based template that takes user input and creates a nicely structured, actionable task from it.

Task forms V2

Task forms V2 support a number of additional features, including things like setting an icon and color per form, enabling you to create subtasks through a form, enabling optional vs required questions, and allowing external, logged out users (like customers) to also file new tasks through task forms. Learn more about Task form features and how to create them here.

Migrating a V1 Task form to V2

Task forms V1 will be deprecated starting September 4, 2022, 6 months after we launched Task forms V2.

After September 4th, V1 Task forms will continue to work and can be used to create new tasks, but the Height team will no longer be maintaining V1 Task forms, and as such, will not fix any V1 bugs or issues.

You can migrate a V1 Task form to V2 at any time from Product settings → Task forms. Simply choose a V1 Task form and click the button "Migrate this task form to v2".

Migrating a Task form from V1 to V2 is not reversible.

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