To help your team get going faster than ever, you can import existing projects and tasks directly to Height via our Import features from Product settings Import. To make your life even easier, you can optionally invite colleagues directly to Height when importing tasks too. Best of all, inviting members through the import flow ensures the right people are automatically assigned to and subscribed to the right tasks ✨

Inviting imported email addresses

No matter where you're importing tasks from, you'll see the default-on option "Invite new users as members to this workspace" before starting the import.

Anyone who doesn't already have a Height account will be invited via email to join your workspace once you click Import.

It's worth noting that only email addresses in user-type attributes will be emailed to join your workspace. When you are mapping attributes during the import flow, only attributes that type = user will be checked against the list of workspace users.

So, if you have the field "Reported by" to record which customer reported an issue, you could map that to a custom text-type attribute "Reporter", and any "Reported by" email addresses imported will NOT receive an invitation to join Height.

And, of course, only email addresses that don't match an existing workspace user will receive an invitation to join your workspace. So, if already has an account in your workspace, they will not be invited to join Height again.

For example, if you map the field "Assignee" to the default user-type attribute "Assignees", any email addresses in "Assignee" that don't match an existing workspace user will receive an email invitation.

What happens if you toggle "Invite new users as members to your workspace" off

Remember, this feature is optional — although on by default, you can always toggle it off if you'd prefer to not invite your colleagues to your workspace quite yet.

If you toggle the feature off, in any user-type attribute you import, you will see the email address with "[not signed up]" behind their name. This way, you will preserve the info around who is assigned to or related to this task without emailing them to join Height yet.

You can always manually invite people later. If their email address matches to one from your imported tasks, it will automatically be converted from " [not signed up]" to the user account @Molly, with their name and avatar.

What happens when an imported user joins your workspace

Once someone joins your Height workspace through the import email invitation, they'll automatically be assigned to and subscribed to all the right tasks. In the user field, you will no longer see " [invited]", and instead see @Molly, with their name and avatar. By inviting new users from imports, you can seamlessly migrate your team from previous project management tools into Height, without losing any assignment details or other context.

Migrating tools is a pain, but hopefully our Invite new users feature will make it a bit less painful!

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