After connecting the Notion integration and granting Height access to your Notion workspace, you can share individual pages with Height. Shared Notion pages that have been added to a Height task appear as previews in the task page and unfurls in the task's chat.

Similarly, pasting the link to a shared Notion page in a task description or chat will unfurl a preview of the page as well, making it easy for you and your team to reference external documentation in Notion without having to break away from work in Height.

Sharing a page in Notion

If the page you're trying to add to a task hasn't been shared with Height, you'll receive an error prompting you to share the page with Height.

To share the Notion page with Height, open the page in Notion and click the Share menu. In the invitation field, type "Height" and select the Height integration.

After successfully sharing the page with Height, click Refresh in the preview panel to add the page to the Height task. Once the page has been added, the page preview will be visible and the link will now unfurl to show a preview of the page in chat 😃

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