Connecting your Notion workspace to Height allows you to keep all important documents and files for a project in one central place. Once connected, Notion pages can be added to Height tasks and shown as previews for you to quickly reference without missing a beat.

Connecting the integration

From Product settings → Integrations → Notion, click Install Notion and grant Height access to your Notion workspace.

It’s recommended that you grant Height full access to all documents in the Notion workspace – including any relevant ones from private or shared – to prevent you from having to manually share each individual page in the future. However, if you only want Height to have access to certain pages, you can select the specific ones you want Height to access.

Managing the integration

First-time users

Once the integration has been installed on your Height workspace, everyone in the workspace will be able to add pages to Height tasks. However, because of parameters set by Notion, each user will have to connect their Notion account to the Height workspace before being able to add a Notion page for the first time.

For example, if a team member installs the Notion integration on the team Height workspace, before you can actually add a page to a task, you'll have to go through the installation flow on your end to connect your Notion account to Height.

Once the user goes through the installation process, they will be able to add future Notion pages to Height without having to re-install 😃

Adding Notion pages to Height tasks

After granting Height access to your Notion workspace, Notion pages can be added to any Height task to help you and your team quickly reference relevant documentation without having to go back and forth between both platforms. By adding a Notion page to a Height task, you ensure that your team stays organized by keeping important project files and documents located in the same task.

In the task page, click the ... menu → Add Notion page and paste the URL of the Notion page you want to be added to the task. Once the page has been added, a preview of the document will be added as a tab in the task page to give you a quick glance at a document’s contents without having to leave the task.

*NOTE: only Notion pages that have been shared with Height by a Notion owner or editor can be added to tasks

Adding multiple Notion pages to a single Height task will update the task page to list each page separately in the task. Viewing a task in a preview panel will display each Notion page as a separate tab in the task.

Viewing a task in full-screen will display each Notion page as a series of sections in the task.

The title of each tab or section will match the title of the linked Notion page, making it easy for you to sort through the different pages with no confusion.

Removing Notion pages from Height tasks

To remove a Notion page from a task, select ... and click "Remove." Once the page has been successfully removed from the task, an activity message will be posted in the chat to record its removal.

Chat unfurls and messages

Whenever a Notion page is added to a Height task, an activity message will be posted in the chat with an unfurl link to the full Notion page. Similarly, when a Notion page is removed from a Height task, an activity message will be posted in the chat to document when the page was unlinked from the task.

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