Comparing apples to oranges is never fun, so we’ll spare you the full-on comparison between Asana and Height. Just know, Height offers an all-in-one project management tool that can be tailored to fit any workflow and workload no matter your team’s size.

Whether a team of 5 or 500, our flexible design helps you manage tasks with ease making project management a breeze! So while you may have liked Asana, here are 6 reasons we know you’ll love Height.

1. A powerful design with collaboration in mind

Collaboration is key when it comes to managing cross-org projects. That’s why in Height, there’s no limit to the number of lists that a single task can exist on.

Have a task that cuts across various orgs in the company? No problem! While Asana limits tasks to a single project, Height lets you associate tasks with as many teams as you need to better manage large-scale projects.

2. Communication made easy

From ideation to implementation there’s so much conversation that goes into executing a project. Instead of splitting important conversations across different messaging platforms, keep your team in the loop every step of the way with the use of real-time chat in tasks.

Designed to organize conversations and streamline communication, each task page features an evergreen chat that is specific to the task itself so that conversations are captured in the right context.

3. Actionable tasks with no limits

While some projects may be best handled from a meta view with a single assignee, others may need all hands on deck with each component broken out into smaller tasks.

Because we understand that different workloads require different workflows, Height supports multi-assignees for tasks and first-class subtasks. With no limit to nested subtasks, your team can divide larger projects into more manageable subtasks that are related to, yet independent from, their parent tasks.

4. Integrations that enhance your productivity

GitHub <> Height

Though Asana’s GitHub integration allows you to sync pull request status updates to Asana tasks, Height’s GitHub integration supports real-time status updates, cross-posted comments, and auto-generated branch names!

Designed with both engineering and non-engineering team members in mind, our GitHub integration keeps everyone up-to-date and in the know across both apps no matter the role. You can set Height task statuses to auto-update as code ships in GitHub, and set GitHub comments to be cross-posted into Height for visibility across orgs.

Sentry <> Height

Staying on top of Sentry issues while managing Height tasks is easy as 123 with our Sentry integration. From configuring Sentry to post messages in Height to setting custom Sentry alerts to auto-create Height tasks, connecting Sentry to Height helps your team efficiently record and resolve critical errors affecting your users.

Discord <> Height

Our Discord integration helps your team sync important conversations had in Discord to related tasks managed in Height with ease. Cross-posted messages from Discord appear in Height task chats in real-time to ensure that nothing falls between the cracks across both apps.

Additionally, you can create new Height tasks from Discord and reference existing tasks without missing a beat!

5. Smart lists that help you work smarter, not harder

Height’s powerful filters help you manage lists across your workspace by supporting refined views that can be saved into smart lists. Based on whichever criteria you choose, smart lists can be used to create overviews to better manage your teams and do things like manage sprints and track velocity.

6. An all-around Command palette

Our powerful Command palette puts the power in your hands by serving as a bulk-editor, full-text search, shortcut haven, and lightweight navigation tool.

Need to change the Priority and Due date of a dozen tasks? Searching for a specific chat conversation, task, or user? Want to create a new shortcut or quickly invite someone to the workspace? CMD+K keeps you in control every step of the way.

Ready to make the switch? Import your existing Asana projects into Height using our CSV import feature and request a live demo to get started 😃

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