Connecting your Discord server to Height doesn't just make task management easier, it makes task creation easier, too! After connecting Discord to Height, you can create new Height tasks directly from Discord and immediately get to work without missing a beat.

Creating a new task in Discord

In the Discord chat box, press / to begin creating the new Height task. Discord will ask you to create a name for the task and to enter the name of the list that you want the task to be created on.

The first time you're creating a task from Discord, you will receive several direct messages in Discord from the Height bot asking you to authorize the connection. The authentication URL from Height bot will take you to a permissions screen where you can authorize access to your Discord account. You cannot create tasks from Discord until you complete this authorization.

After authorizing Height to access your Discord account, you will be able to create Height tasks in Discord.

Accessing the newly created task

Clicking the link of the task's ID in the Discord channel will redirect you to Height and immediately open the newly created task. A note detailing that the task was created via Discord will be posted in the task's chat with a link to the related Discord channel.

To keep your team up-to-date on important conversations, any time a Height task is mentioned in a Discord message, the message will automatically be cross-posted into Height 😃

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