Connecting your Discord server to Height allows you to sync important conversations to related tasks so that your team’s communication and task management are always on the same page.

Once connected, you can streamline your team’s productivity by cross-posting messages from Discord into Height, configuring Discord to create new tasks in Height, and unfurling tasks and messages across both apps.

*NOTE: You must be an admin on Discord to complete the integration.

Connecting your Discord server

From Product Settings → Integrations → Discord, click Install Discord, select the server that you want to be connected to your Height workspace, confirm the permissions, and select Authorize.

By default, the Height bot will join every public Discord channel that's in your server. If you don't want the Height bot to join certain channels, you can select the specific channels that you don't want it to join before finishing setup.

Changed your mind about which channels you want the Height bot to join? No problem! You can add the Height bot to public channels you selected to not join during the initial setup via the Discord channel's settings.

Similarly, you can easily remove the Height bot from pubic Discord channels via Height's integrations page at any time.

The Height bot can be added to private Discord channels, too!

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