After connecting your Sentry account to your Height workspace, new and existing Height tasks can be linked to Sentry issues to help your team track critical errors and issue fixes that keep your users happy. Gone are the days of having to click back and forth between Sentry and Height to keep tabs on important updates – by syncing the two, you'll have 24/7 monitoring of active bug reports via an automated Sentry bot that posts status updates in real-time to keep everyone in the loop.

Even better, linking Height tasks to Sentry issues preserves the entire history of an error – from its initial report to its being resolved – which helps your team keep an organized archive of past workflows for future reference.

Creating a new Height task from a Sentry issue

To create a new Height task from a Sentry issue, select "Height Issue," and complete the attribute fields for Name, List, and Assignee. Once the task is created, it will be automatically linked to the issue and listed in the issue tracking section for quick and easy access. With the task auto-linked to the issue, this means you'll always get updates in Height whenever there's an update on an alerting issue, like a status change or comment.

Clicking the task link will open the task in Height where a series of Sentry bot chat messages will show that the task was created via a Sentry issue and auto-assigned to the user chosen from the Assignee dropdown during the creation.

Additionally, a link to the Sentry issue and the full string of error code will be posted in the task's description, and the current status of the Sentry issue will be posted in the chat.

Linking an existing Height task to a Sentry issue

To link an existing Height task to a Sentry issue, select "Height Issue" and from the Link tab, enter the Task ID (or task name) of the Height task.

After linking the Height task to the Sentry issue, the Sentry bot will post the current status of the Sentry issue in the Height task's chat.

Once a Sentry issue has been linked to a Height task, your team will have access to live status changes via cross-posted updates that keep you organized and informed.

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