Connecting your Height workspace to Sentry helps you to triage and track crucial regressions with ease. Once connected, linking your Height tasks to Sentry issues lets you stay ahead of the curve by cross-posting Sentry messages in Height, and syncing Sentry issues to auto-update as tasks are completed in Height.

Linking existing Height tasks to Sentry issues allows your team to quickly record, respond, and resolve critical errors without skipping a beat. Additionally, to make it even easier to manage bug reports, you can configure Sentry to auto-create new tasks in Height based on custom dynamic alerts.

Configuring Sentry to auto-create Height tasks

From Product settings → Integrations → Sentry → Configuration, select "Configure alerts on Sentry" to be redirected to the Sentry Alerts page.

Creating the Sentry alert

In Sentry, click Create Alert and select the type of alert that you want to be the trigger for the Sentry bot to create a new task in Height. Alerts can be for:

  • Errors, e.g. when the number of reported errors or the number of users affected by an error spikes too high

  • Sessions, e.g. when a high number of sessions begin to crash due to errors

  • Performance, e.g. when you want to monitor how long it takes for transactions to complete

  • Other, e.g. when you want to track very specific activity down to the millisecond

After selecting the alert type, click Set Conditions to create the custom settings and conditions for the automation. Customizing the rule settings allows you to do things like specify the environment that the rule should apply to, and setting the conditions allows you create a specific workflow that triggers an alert.

*NOTE: Depending on the alert type, different details may be needed to complete the alert rule – be sure to complete each field that is required to save the rule!

For example, if you want a new task to be created in Height and assigned to you whenever a new issue has been reported from a recent release, you can create a rule to have that automated.

After setting up the triggers and actions of the Sentry alert, click Save Rule to create and save the new alert rule to your Sentry Alerts page.

Auto-creating Height tasks from the Sentry alert

Once the alert rule has been saved, any time the trigger event happens in Sentry, a new task will be created in Height. Tasks created via the Sentry bot will list the automated actions – default Status, Assignee, List, etc. – in the task's chat, and a direct link to the Sentry issue will be auto-posted in the task's description.

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