Missing important updates is no fun – especially when tracking critical errors and bug fixes. That's why configuring your Height and Sentry connection to cross-post status updates across both platforms is the perfect way to make sure you never miss important changes. No matter your team's workflow, cross-posting status updates keeps everyone on the same page while also streamlining your team's productivity.

Instead of tabbing back and forth between Sentry and Height to manually update the status of issues and tasks, once a Height task is linked to a Sentry issue, the Sentry and Height bots will automatically update the statuses on both ends. Similarly, cross-posted updates allows teammates that don't use Sentry to have full visibility of important activity without missing a beat.

How to sync Height task status updates to Sentry issue status updates

In Product settings → Integrations → Sentry → Configuration, the default setting for cross-posted updates is to update a Sentry issue to "Unresolved" when a Height task's status is "To do," and to update the issue to "Resolved" once the task has been marked as "Done."

Additional status options can be configured by changing the setting to "Custom configuration" and manually mapping the Height task status to a Sentry issue status. For example, you can set a Sentry issue's status to be updated to "Ignored" when the linked Height task's status is marked as "On hold."

Additionally, to be sure that you're always up-to-date with the progression of critical errors, you can configure Sentry to post live issue statuses on Height so that you never miss another update again!

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