Connecting Sentry to Height helps your team to efficiently record and resolve critical errors affecting your users.

By syncing Sentry issues to Height tasks, you can be sure that you're always on top of updates and that you never miss an alert again. Once connected, you can efficiently triage and track regressions and bug reports in real-time by cross-posting status updates and configuring Sentry to create new tasks in Height based on custom alert rule triggers.

Connecting your Sentry account

In Product Settings → Integrations → Sentry, click Install Sentry to connect your Sentry account to your Height workspace. From there, you will be redirected to Sentry to accept the request and install Height.

Once Height is installed on Sentry, you'll be asked to confirm the Height workspace that you want to be connected to Sentry. After confirming the workspace you'll be redirected back to Height and the installation will be complete.

*NOTE: If you're logged into more than one workspace, each one will be listed on the confirmation screen so be sure to pick the one you want Sentry to connect to.

After successfully connecting Height to Sentry, you can link Height tasks to Sentry issues to receive cross-posted status updates and configure custom alert rule triggers in Sentry to create new tasks in Height.

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