Managing tasks that span various lists can be a challenge – especially when each list requires a different workflow. Fortunately, by customizing a list's toolbar you can simplify your productivity by pinning specific actions to the toolbar for quick and easy access.

Adding options to a list's toolbar

To add an option, select "Customize toolbar" from the ... menu and click +Add to select the actions that you want to be added to the toolbar. Once you've selected the options you want to add, click the purple checkmark to finalize the customization.

Newly added options will appear in the order that they were added, but you can reorder the options by dragging them to different places on the toolbar.

Because there is no limit to the number of options that can be added, an overflow menu will show any options that are unable to fit in the toolbar.

NOTE: Saved changes made to a list's toolbar will update the view for everyone that has access to that particular list.

Using the options in the toolbar

Once the actions have been added to the toolbar, they can easily be used to make task updates. For example, if you've added an "Edit assignees" option, selecting a group of tasks and clicking the assignee option in the toolbar will update the Assignee of the selected tasks.

Similarly, if you tend to update several tasks to a specific status, you can add a "Mark as" option to allow for bulk updates to tasks' statuses.

Task forms can also be added to the toolbar for easy reference. Have a list that requires tasks to be created with specific attributes and description details? Adding a task form to the toolbar allows users to quickly create tasks based on a predefined template so things like bug reports or feature requests can be created in real-time.

Removing options from the toolbar

Though the three default options of “Share,” “Filters,” and “[your current view]” cannot be removed from the toolbar, you can easily remove any unwanted custom options by pressing the "X" button and clicking the purple checkmark to finalize the removal.

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