For teams using our Team or Enterprise plans, you can create unlimited lists to organize your tasks however you like.

For teams using Height on the free plan, your workspace is limited to 10 active lists.

Please note that each workspace comes with 4 lists out of the box: a #general list, a #backlog list, a #completed smart list, and an #in-progress smart list.

Because #general is a catch-all list, it cannot be archived, which means after archiving the other three default lists, you can only create nine new lists before reaching the free plan list limit.

The free plan list limit counts all active lists in the workspace, including private lists and smart lists. So if using a shared workspace, even if you don't have access to a team member's private list(s), their private list(s) will still count towards the limit. Similarly, smart lists created by you or other team members count towards the limit as well.

If you find that you keep hitting the list limit, you can always archive or delete some of your existing lists. Or even better – upgrade your plan to Team or Enterprise where lists are unlimited. 😃

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