Task forms are lightweight templates that can be used by workspace members and guests to create tasks with preset attributes. By using a task form to create a task, you can be sure that specific attributes are applied to the task, making things like filing bug reports or feature requests a breeze.

From Priority, to Assignee, to Status, any attribute can be set by default in new or existing task forms! To preset attributes for tasks created via a form, simply set them via the task form's settings.

Adding attributes to a task form

In Product Settings → Task forms, once you open a task form, you can set the attributes that you want to be applied by default from the Attributes section.

Single select attributes

If a single select attribute is used in the questions section of the task form, that attribute cannot also be added in the attributes section of the form. Similarly, if a single select attribute is set in the attributes section, it cannot be selected as an answer in the questions section.

A single select attribute can only be used in either the form's questions or in the form's attributes, but not both. This is to ensure there are never any conflicts of attributes for a given task form.

For example, if a question in the task form asks a user to select a status, the Status attribute cannot be preset in the Attributes section.

Multi-select attributes

If a multi-select attribute is used in the questions section, it can be added in the attributes section. For example, if a task form question asks the user to choose an assignee, the Assignee attribute can also be set in the Attribute sections, because there can be more than one assignee for any task.

In this case, the user assigned in the question section and the user assigned in the attributes section will both be listed as the Assignees for any task created using the form.

After setting your preferred attributes and saving the task form, any task created via the form will have the attributes preset from the form applied by default. For example, adding Priority = High, Department = Finance, etc., to a task form means that any task created using that form will automatically have "High" as the Priority, and "Finance" as the Department.

Removing or editing attributes from an existing task form

From Product Settings → Task forms, choose the existing task form that you want to remove an attribute from. Under the Attributes section of the form, click the edit field of the attribute you want to remove and delete the selection. After saving the change, the removed attribute will be listed as "None," but if you leave and come back to the form, the removed attribute will be gone to show that the change was successful.

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