Have a list that you don't use anymore, but don't want to permanently delete? Archive it! Archiving a list lets you hide it from your workspace without deleting its content. Archived lists can be easily restored at any time and they do not count towards the list limit.

How to archive a list

From the list's ... menu, select "Edit" and then "Archive."

Once the list has been archived, the list's name will be updated to include "[archived]" and a sticky banner will appear at the bottom of the list. The name of the user that archived the list and the date and time of the archive will be detailed in the banner.

Archived lists are considered inactive and read-only. This means you cannot add tasks or make any other updates to an archived list unless you restore it.

How to restore an archived list

Whether a list was archived one week ago or one year ago, archived lists can easily be restored by selecting "Restore list" from the archive banner. Once restored, the banner will disappear and "[archived]" will be removed from the list's name.

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