To make task management easier, Height allows you to create new attribute options directly from your lists.

But what happens if you created the new attribute option on accident and need to remove it or you created it on purpose and no longer need it?

Removing an attribute option

To remove an attribute option, go to Product settings → Attributes and select the attribute you want to edit. For example, if I wanted to remove the option "No rush" from the "Priority" attribute, I would select Priority. From here, scroll to the attribute option you want to remove, click the ... menu, select "Remove," save the change, and voila!

If the removed option was assigned to any existing tasks, a message will appear that asks you to assign a new option to those "affected tasks." Thus, as shown above, after removing the "No rush" option, I assigned "Low" to be the new Priority of the affected tasks.

NOTE: All removed attributes can easily be restored, as explained in this article 😃

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