Migrating from Linear and don't want to lose progress on a project? No worries! Importing your Linear issues into Height is a breeze with our CSV import feature.

Creating a CSV of your Linear project

In Linear, select the dropdown menu in the project header → Workspace settings → Import/Export → Export CSV.

*NOTE: The CSV file will be emailed to you once the export completes - the download link will expire after 60 minutes.

Importing the CSV into Height

Step 1:

Upload the file into Height via Product settings → Import → CSV file.

Step 2:

Create a new list or choose one of your existing workspace lists to import the data into.

Step 3:

Import the attributes you care about by either mapping them to a corresponding existing workspace attribute — or create new attributes for them!

*NOTE: every Height task must have a name — make sure to map Task name to one of your CSV columns!

Step 4:

Start the importing process. Upon completion, the tasks will be imported directly into the list you picked, and can be accessed from the list in the confirmation section.

Voila! Happy tasking 😃

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