The visualization of your Kanban board is based on customizable attributes that can be configured in your workspace settings.

By default, the board is sectioned by "Status," so each of the default columns illustrates the current status of the associated tasks ("To do," "In progress," "Done" etc.) But let's suppose you want to add an additional column for a new status of "Needs review."

To do this, you would need to reconfigure your attributes in Product settings → Attributes by adding a new status of the preferred name.

Once the new status has been created, it will be reflected as a new column on the board for any tasks associated as such. (Note: If your board is set to show "Sections with tasks," you will have to manually make the new column visible from the list's View menu.)

Similar reconfigurations can be implemented for any attribute of your choosing. Let's say after sectioning your board by "Priority" you wanted to add two new priority columns of "Minor" and "Critical." Simply create the two new tiers in the Attribute settings, and the columns will appear on the board for the associated tasks.

💡Tip: You can hide columns via the dropdown arrow next to the Status name. Additionally, columns of existing statuses can be shown/hidden via the "eye" icons listed under the "Manual" view feature.

Happy tasking!

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