After you've connected your Zendesk account to Height from Product settings → Integrations → Zendesk, you should be able to cross-post Zendesk internal notes to Height tasks and post Height task updates and messages to Zendesk tickets.

If you're seeing Zendesk internal notes cross-post successfully to Height tasks but not vice versa, this may be due to the "Batch task updates in internal notes" setting, which collects all updates and messages from a linked task into one internal note per every 5-minute time window. If you want to receive each task update immediately and as separate internal notes on linked tickets, you can turn off this default from Product settings → Integrations → Zendesk.

If you are not seeing cross-posted updates on either side, check your Zendesk account to make sure you have at least one user seat available. Our integration requires the creation of a Zendesk bot user to work correctly.

If you have no seats available, please add an additional seat to your plan and click the Retry button from the Zendesk integration settings page.

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