You can view any of your lists or smart lists as a board (Kanban), a to-do list (spreadsheet), or a calendar. Calendars are great for seeing your tasks in the context of time, making it easy to coordinate due dates, estimates, and milestones.

To switch a list to a calendar visualization, go to View → Calendar for any list (or just hit cmd+kvisualization).

Why we think you'll love our take on calendars:

  • Just like with our spreadsheet lists, you can add tasks and multi-select them, move them across product development stages, and edit them lightning fast.

  • Customize your list to see weekends and even set a different first day of the week in Preferences.

  • View tasks without dates in the optional sidetray and drag & drop them on the calendar.

You can also switch between spreadsheet, calendar, and Kanban at any time. Kick off your project as a to-do list today and switch to a calendar tomorrow (and vice versa!).

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