If you have tasks that you no longer need, you have a couple of options for cleaning the clutter.

If they have useful info that you may want to reference later, you may want to change their status to something like "Won't do", "Cannot reproduce", or "Duplicate", so the task still exists in your workspace and can be found with search.

Move a task to Trash

If you created the task by mistake or no longer want it to exist at all in your workspace, you have 3 options for how to move it to Trash:

  • select the task and hit cmd+delete

  • right-click on the task context menu: → Move to Trash

  • cmd+k → Move to Trash

Tasks in Trash

Once a task has been moved to Trash, it will be automatically permanently deleted in 30 days. Before the end of that period, the task can also be manually permanently deleted or restored from Trash.

Tasks in Trash can be viewed but cannot be edited — you can't change the attributes or write a new chat message on the task unless you restore it.

Restoring a task in Trash

If you accidentally move a task to Trash a task, you can use the task deletion success banner that pops up to undo (or cmd+z) to restore the task. You can also go to Trash to restore it from there any time within 30 days of it being moved to Trash.

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