Once you connect your Slab account to your Height workspace, you and your team will be able to mention and search for Height tasks right from Slab.

To get started, link your Slab account from Product settings → Integrations → Slab or go directly to Slab to install.

You must have Height admin privileges to complete setup.

Embedding Height tasks

Simply paste a Height task link into a Slab post and see an live embed immediately.

On hover, you'll be able to see key details about the task, like its description, status, assignees, lists, and number of subtasks and messages.

Searching for Height tasks

Coming soon, you'll also be able to search for Height tasks from within Slab. When you use Slab's search, you'll see a tab for "Height" results.

You can go directly to the Height task from the Slab results page.

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