When you're looking for tasks, you may be searching for one specific task or for any tasks that fulfill a certain set of criteria. In Height, you can do both with our search.

Quick search

Search can be opened from the Search button in your sidebar or with the shortcut cmd+p.

For quick search, simply type what you're looking for in the input and browse the results to find the right one.

Fullscreen search with filters

You can also use fullscreen search for more complex searches, or when you're looking for any tasks or things that fulfill specific requirements, like all tasks with Status = In progress, or everything assigned to your team with a due date in the next month.

Fullscreen search results can be opened either from the first item in the search modal, or you can go directly there with the shortcut cmd+shift+p.

You'll be able to use text search and smart filters to find subsets of tasks, users, lists, and smart lists.

Each type of result has a separate tab: Tasks, Lists, Smart lists, and Users.

You can batch edit the list of task results from your search right from search too:

If you search with just filters, you can also save your results as a smart list with the Save as button.

Note: smart lists don't yet support text search and you cannot currently search for text and use NOT and OR operators.

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