Default notification settings

By default, you'll be notified when there are changes to tasks that you're subscribed to.

You're automatically subscribed to tasks you create, tasks you get assigned to, tasks that you send a message on, or tasks where someone @mentions you.

How to change your notification triggers

You can modify these settings, and set up additional triggers for when to be notified from Personal settings → Notifications.

Choose Custom settings to toggle which things you want to trigger notifications for.

For example, by default you receive a notification when a task you're subscribed to is marked as "Done" (or any other completed state status), but you can also set up your notifications to be pinged for any status change, like when it goes from "To do" to "In progress".

💡Tip: Notification settings are a user-level setting, so changing these settings will only affect you, no one else in your workspace.

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