Group mentions allow you to notify multiple people at the same time, and work just like regular @mentions.

Creating a group mention

From Product settings → Group mentions, any workspace member can create a new group mention. Once you pick a name and a handle, you can add as many workspace guests and members as you'd like.

Editing or removing a group mention

People can be removed from a group mention at any time, and group mentions can also be renamed.

Group mentions can also be archived (and restored) as needed.

Using group mentions

To notify a group of people at the same time, you just need to mention a group mention's handle, starting with @, like @ops or @team-narnia, similar to how you @mention individuals.

Workspace members can see and use all group mentions. Workspace guests, however, can only see and use group mentions for ones that they are a part of.

Group mentions & notifications

Any group mention user who has access to a task will be notified when a group mention is used, and see the notification in their Inbox.

If anyone in a group mention does not have access to the task, they will not receive a notification for the group mention or be able to see the task.

Group mentions & subscribing to a task

People in a group mention are not automatically subscribed to the task — so unless they are otherwise subscribed to the task (e.g. as an assignee), they will not continue to get new notifications about the task afterwards.

This makes it easy to ask another department a quick question, without having them be automatically notified of later conversation in the future.

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