To make a copy of a list or smart list, go to the list's ... menu and click Duplicate list.

When you duplicate a list, you'll be given the options of duplicating just the View menu options, just the tasks, filters, or all of the above.

💡Tip: If you'd like to use an existing list setup as a template for a new list, just duplicate the list with the "Tasks" option turned off.

You can also make the list private using the toggle and change its name, description, and icon.

💡Tip: When you duplicate a list with all of its tasks, it'll take a moment to finish copying all the tasks. You can navigate away without losing progress.

Notifications for duplicated tasks

When you duplicate a list of tasks, no notifications are sent for the new tasks.

This means that when you copy tasks that have assignees, those people will not be notified about the new duplicate tasks, even though they will be set as the assignees for them by default.

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