With the Height Google Sheets Add-on, you and your team will be able to sync cells directly with Height task data. As task data is updated in Height, it'll dynamically be updated in your spreadsheets too.

To get started, install the Height Google Workspace Add-on from Product settings → Integrations.

💡 Tip: Have your team's Google Workspace administrator configure the integration so everyone on your team can start using it right away.

How it works

Once you've set up the add-on and turned it on for the specific spreadsheet you're editing, you can begin using this formula in any cell:

`=HEIGHT(taskId, "attribute")`

  • taskId is the unique task ID that specifies which Height task you're referring to

  • attribute is the name of the attribute you want to pull from Height, like "status" or "assignees"

Note: Only tasks that are available to all workspace members can be referenced in Google Sheets — if you try to pull data from a private task, you'll see an error.

💡 Tip: you'll need to enable the add-on for each spreadsheet you want to sync with Height task data from the menu Add-ons → Height → Use in this spreadsheet.


`=HEIGHT(123, "name")` to fill in a cell with the task name of task ID 123

`=HEIGHT(A2:A5, B1:T1)` to get task IDs from column A and attribute names from B1 through T1

💡 Tip: The task data in your spreadsheet will stay up-to-date automatically! So if your spreadsheet is tracking the statuses of a bunch of tasks, the status cells will update as the tasks' statuses are changed on Height.

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