By connecting Zendesk to Height, you can automatically track progress and communicate updates with your coworkers.

Connecting your Zendesk Support account

To connect Zendesk, go to your Product settings → Integrations → Zendesk and click Connect Zendesk.

This will bring you to the Zendesk app marketplace where you can install the Height app. You must have Zendesk admin privileges to complete setup.

Connecting your Zendesk account will create a Height bot user on your Zendesk account.

Creating new tasks from Zendesk tickets

Once you've set up the integration, you can use the "New task" button to create new Height tasks directly from a Zendesk ticket, making it easy to file bug reports or share feedback with the team.

And if you need to close the modal to copy other info from the ticket, or screenshots, it'll be saved as a draft that you can come back to.

Linking existing tasks to Zendesk tickets

You can also link existing Height tasks to Zendesk tickets. For example, if there's a support email about a known bug, you can link that ticket to the existing task in Height to keep track of it.

When a Zendesk ticket is linked to a task, the Zendesk bot user will post a message on the task activity history, with a link to the ticket and its status.

💡Tip: You can link multiple tickets to a task (and vice versa!).

Getting updates on linked task progress

Once a ticket is linked to a Height task, the tasks will show up in the apps sidepanel with key info, including assignees and status. When there are new chat messages on the linked task, or its status changes, you'll see those updates on the linked Zendesk ticket.

Commenting on tasks from Zendesk tickets

Internal notes on a linked ticket are cross-posted to the Height task, making it easy to add additional details or answer questions from engineering coworkers.

So, if your coworker asks you for more information about a bug report, you can respond to the question right from Zendesk with an internal note.

You can also control which ticket status updates and internal notes get posted to linked tasks and which Height task updates and messages to post to linked tickets.

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