Connect your Slack account to enable your team to collaborate across Slack & Height from Product settings → Integrations.

Task unfurling

Once you've connected Slack to Height, when you share a Height task in Slack, it'll automatically show a preview of it in Slack, complete with task name, description, assignees, and status.

Create new tasks from Slack

Connecting your Slack account will also allow you to create a new Height task directly from Slack.

You can click on any message in Slack and use their message actions ... menu to find "Create task" — Height.

This will allow you to create a new task, with description, and set its lists on the fly during a conversation, without leaving Slack.

You can also type /height + the name of your task to create a new Height task from Slack.

Once you create a task, the Height bot will post a message to the channel, visible only to you by default. You can optionally choose to post the message in the channel so everyone can see it too.

No matter which way you create a new task from Slack, you'll automatically be subscribed to it on Height, making it easy to find.

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