Export lists of workspace users, activity histories of tasks, and lists as CSVs using our export. 

Export users

To export a list of all workspace users, including guests and members, go to Settings → Users and use the ...  menu to Export Users as CSV.

The CSV will contain users' email addresses, first name, last name, username, their access level (member, guest), authentication methods enabled, and when the user was created.

Export a list of tasks

Download all the tasks on a list from the ...  menu of any list or smartlist with the tasks' names, unique IDs, and attributes, to load into the spreadsheet software of your choice.

Export task activity history

Download the activity history for any given task as a CSV from the ...  menu of a task preview page. 

This should make it easy to do things like figure out billing hours (i.e. time delta between when a task was marked as in progress to when it was marked as done) or track how many changes a client made to a task over its lifespan.

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