If you're wondering what a Kanban board is and what they're good for, start here: https://intercom.help/height/en/articles/3691408-kanban-boards. 

Switching a list to a Kanban board

To switch a list to a Kanban visualization, select the dropdown arrow of the default spreadsheet (or current) view, then click Kanban.

Customizing your board

Just like with spreadsheet visualizations, you can choose which attributes you want to see by selecting the dropdown arrow next to the Kanban view.

Sectioning & subsectioning

By default, your board will be sectioned by "Default (Status.)" So you'll see a column for each of your statuses, like a standard Kanban board. 

You can drag the columns around on the board to change their order.

Prefer to see your board sectioned by a custom attribute, like due date or Phase? You can choose to section by any of your statuses from "Section by" in the view dropdown menu.

You can also subsection your board. Try subsectioning by "Assignee" to see what's on each of your teammate's plates.

Show tasks completed

By default, your Kanban board will show tasks that have been completed since the previous Monday. Want to hide completed tasks, see only tasks completed in the last day, or otherwise change how long you see them? Expand the "Show completed tasks" menu to configure how long you see completed tasks on your Kanban before they disappear.

This feature keeps your board tidy without requiring you to manually archive completed tasks 🧹

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