Lists on Height work like your real life lists, like grocery lists or a party planning list, where you track everything that needs to get done. Lists keep your tasks organized, so you never have to worry about losing a task.

What kind of lists should I make?

You can make a list for anything you'd like: a team, a project, an upcoming marketing event, a sprint, a new feature, bugs, the company roadmap, and so forth.

Can a task be on more than one list?

Yes — tasks can be on as many lists as you want. 

For example, if you have a #design-team list and a #project-pricing-page list, you may want to put some tasks on both of these lists. This lets the design team keep track of everything their teammates are working on across the company in one place, but also allows the pricing page project to be the one-stop place to check in on the progress of that project. 

The task on each list is still the same task, not a copy of it, so any updates made to it will be shared across lists. That means that if you mark that task as In progress  from the #design-team list, you'll see it as In progress  from the #project-pricing-page list too. By sharing a task across more than one list, people from both the design team and the pricing page project team will be able to track progress and stay in-sync on their cross-functional tasks.

How do I create new lists or find existing ones?

You'll start off with a default list #general, but you can also add your own lists from the "+" button in the sidebar next to "Lists".

You can also find lists your team has already created by clicking "Browse lists" and looking through the existing lists. Clicking on one of these lists will add it to your sidebar so you can get back to it easily.

How do I set custom colors and icons for lists?

For any list, click on the ...  button next to its name and choose Edit . In that menu, you can rename lists, give them a description, and change their color and their icon.

You can also click on the icon from the list page to open the edit menu.

You can use the icon shape and color to organize your lists and make it clear which ones are team-based lists and which are project-based, or, you can use them just to add a pop of color and fun to your workspace 🎊

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