Collaboration is at the heart of Height, so we've made it super easy to give people you're working with access to the right tasks.


Access to tasks is managed through list-level permissions and task-specific permissions. Users have access to a task either through its lists or by being specifically added to the task.

💡Tip: You can always see who has access to a task from the task's Share menu.

List-level permissions

Most task permissions are managed through list permissions: if a user has access to a list a task is on, they have access to the task on that list. List permissions can be handled via the list Share menu.

There are 2 access options in the list Share menu:

  1. All members: by default, lists are accessible, read/write, to any workspace member. Toggling this off makes the list private and users must be explicitly added through the Share menu. Private lists are only visible to people with access to them — other members cannot search for private lists or see private lists anywhere in the app.

  2. Web: by default, lists are only accessible to logged-in users of your workspace. Toggling this on will make the list accessible, read-only, to anyone who has the secret link. You can turn this off again at any time and only logged-in users with access will be able to view the list.

Specific users, both members and guests, can be added (or removed later if need be) to private lists. Guests have access only to the specific lists they've been invited to via the Share menu. They can view and edit tasks of the lists they've been added to.

Guests can be added by name if they already have a Height account, or by email address. The latter will send them an email invitation allowing them to sign up and access the list you added them to.

💡Tip: To make a list private to only some users, just turn off "All members" access from the list Share menu.

Task-level permissions

Guests and members can be added (and also removed after if need be) to specific tasks through the task Share menu. They will only have access to the specific task they've been added to.

When a user has been granted access to a task, they can see all the messages and chat history for it.

💡Tip: When a user submits a task to a private list through a form, they will have access to that task by default (aka "read what you wrote" privacy), but can also be manually removed from the task Share menu.

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